Colt AR15A2, by Medea, Like New #SP323706


SP323706_Medea_Corp_AR15A2 - 001@2x
SP323706_Medea_Corp_AR15A2 - 002@2x SP323706_Medea_Corp_AR15A2 - 003@2x SP323706_Medea_Corp_AR15A2 - 004@2x SP323706_Medea_Corp_AR15A2 - 005@2x SP323706_Medea_Corp_AR15A2 - 006@2x SP323706_Medea_Corp_AR15A2 - 007@2x SP323706_Medea_Corp_AR15A2 - 008@2x SP323706_Medea_Corp_AR15A2 - 009@2x SP323706_Medea_Corp_AR15A2 - 010@2x SP323706_Medea_Corp_AR15A2 - 011@2x

Like New, Rare, Colt, AR15A2, Converted to Selective Fire by Medea Corporation in the Beautiful and Free State of Florida


In Like New Condition (Box is not original)

Stock is Original, Peened and Epoxy at factory,

Barrel is a 16” Colt, NATO 1/7” thin profile barrel.

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.