Auto-Ordnance C&R M1928AC Thompson #A0134662


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Auto-Ordnance C&R M1928AC Thompson Serial Number 134662


We have the following transferable Thompson Submachine Gun available for sale. It is what is known as a 1928AC variation, manufactured by Auto-Ordnance in Bridgeport, CT, and is serial number 134662. It was made up from what Auto Ordnance had left over for parts after production of the M1928A1 concluded in 1942. This receiver was originally marked “U.S. Model 1928 A1,” but had the “U.S.” ground off, and the “1” over-stamped with a “C” to denote a compensator, hearkening back to earlier commercial designations used by the company. This Thompson did not see military service. Many of these types of Thompsons were purchased by police departments during, or immediately after WWII.

This Thompson has had the receiver, barrel, and lower frame controls finished in either nickel or chrome. The lower frame has also been sandblasted, and refinished with an unknown matte commercial finish that is not shiny like the receiver. The weapon features a later, protected style Lyman rear sight, and has an early, finned barrel. It has a horizontal foregrip installed, like standard military Thompsons of the timeframe. The trigger frame serial number does not match the receiver. The actuator is the later, smooth type.

Besides the shiny finish, this Thompson has a couple of other unique features. On the left side of the barrel, just behind the compensator, “BARKSDALE” has been neatly stamped. Also, on the right side of the receiver, just above the magazine well, the word “NEMESIS” is crudely hand stamped in widely spaced letters.

This would be a great shooter Thompson for a first time buyer, or perhaps a project for someone one who wanted to remove the shiny finish, and restore its original look.

Includes a couple of 30 round magazines and a commercial newly manufactured drum

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.