Paws, 9mm Submachine & Colt SBR Semi #P0249A, S5802 & SBR #NL004545


P0249A_S5802_PAWS_ZX16A1_Blaylock_Gun_Works_C9_Suppresor - 001@2x
P0249A_S5802_PAWS_ZX16A1_Blaylock_Gun_Works_C9_Suppresor - 002@2x P0249A_S5802_PAWS_ZX16A1_Blaylock_Gun_Works_C9_Suppresor - 003@2x P0249A_S5802_PAWS_ZX16A1_Blaylock_Gun_Works_C9_Suppresor - 004@2x P0249A_S5802_PAWS_ZX16A1_Blaylock_Gun_Works_C9_Suppresor - 005@2x P0249A_S5802_PAWS_ZX16A1_Blaylock_Gun_Works_C9_Suppresor - 006@2x P0249A_S5802_PAWS_ZX16A1_Blaylock_Gun_Works_C9_Suppresor - 007@2x P0249A_S5802_PAWS_ZX16A1_Blaylock_Gun_Works_C9_Suppresor - 008@2x P0249A_S5802_PAWS_ZX16A1_Blaylock_Gun_Works_C9_Suppresor - 009@2x P0249A_S5802_PAWS_ZX16A1_Blaylock_Gun_Works_C9_Suppresor - 010@2x

Combo, M16, Suppressed 9mm Submachine Gun & 9mm Semi Auto SBR

P0249A, S5802 & SBR #NL004545

Price includes both guns and suppressor

M16, 9mm, Olympic Arms receiver converted to selective fire by PAWS, Salem Oregon with a Blaylock Gun Works suppressor and a Colt Sporter Lightweight 9mm SBR registered by C&T Enterprises.

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.