ARES Defense “Shrike 5.56 E2” Specifications

The Shrike 5.56™ – Advanced Weapons System is an upper receiver assembly that was originally conceived to meet the needs of NFA firearm enthusiasts who demand quality and high-performance from their machine guns. Accordingly, it readily fits to unmodified AR15/M16 lower receivers and features reliable gas-piston operation, a quick-change barrel system and the option to fire from M16 magazines or M27 linked ammunition at shooter discretion. This capability permits the owner of a registered M16 to possess the firepower of a Stoner 63 or M249, but at a fraction of the cost of the former weapons and with a significantly reduced size/weight envelope.

As consumer, law enforcement and military interest in the ARES Defense Shrike 5.56™ increased and requests for mainstream availability was stated by FFL Dealers and Distributors, ARES split off the NFA-specific Shrike 5.56™ and expanded the technology into a “Family of Weapons” under the trade name MCR®. While MCR® rifles and upper receiver assemblies exhibit many of the same features as the Shrike 5.56™ products, the Shrike 5.56™ was pushed into a Signature Series prestige offering specifically for the discriminating NFA enthusiast and therefore, has only been offered as an upper receiver assembly for retrofit to registered pre-86 and Transferable M16 firearms.

The Shrike 5.56™ is sold as a limited product offering and is available almost exclusively from Ruben Mendiola at Dealer NFA. ARES Defense continues to evolve the Shrike 5.56™ upper in concert with the requirements being specified by military direction for the ARES-16 AMG-2™, which has been purchased by the U.S. Army and other military forces. So as the requirements for the military-only AMG-2™ evolve, so does the Shrike 5.56™ along a similar trajectory, but with the NFA enthusiast and their needs in mind.

The latest evolution of the Shrike 5.56™ is the “Shrike 5.56 E2”.

The New and Improved “Shrike 5.56 E2” (Enhanced v2.0) has many of the same features as the 5th Generation Shrike 5.56 E, but includes the following additional enhancements common to the state-of-the-art AMG-2™ military model, while maintaining as much rearward compatibility with the legacy Shrike 5.56 – Advanced Weapons System as possible. The importance of rearward compatibility is obvious when contemplating replacement parts, etc.

  1. Billet Machined Steel Feed Tray, optimized for M855/M855A1 ammowith “Nickel Boron” (NiB) plating. (Note: While the NiB trays are the best that ARES Defense manufactures and is currently its highest demand finish by the consumer market, the US military opts for Magnesium Phosphate finished trays to reduce visual signature. NiB feed trays are supplied on the Shrike 5.56 E2 because they are the best that we offer and the NFA enthusiast is usually not concerned with visual signature reduction.)
  2. High Efficiency Heat Sink with “Nickel Boron” (NiB) plating (installed within handguard and reduces barrel heat buildup on closed bolt system)
  3. “Square Head” Feed Roller Housing (Reduces receiver wear and increases weapon reliability. This is accomplished by displacing carrier torque over a greater area of contact during heavy belt-pull loads)
  4. Dry Film Lube in the upper receiver bore aids weapon function in dry conditions
  5. Extended (Herring™ designed) Bolt Catch
  6. H3 Buffer
  7. (500) USGI M27 Links (where allowed)

The following items have been retained from the earlier “5th Generation” Shrike 5.56 E:

  • Chrome-Lined 16” Barrel with 4-Position Adjustable Gas Regulator
  • Barrel Handle for Removing Hot Barrels
  • Billet Machined Mag-Adapter for attaching M249 SAW Containers to AR15/M16 Lower Receivers
  • Co-Planar MIL-STD 1913 Rail Handguard System
  • 100 Round Soft Bag

$5,195 Including S&H and Insurance to States that Allow it.