Consecutive Pair UZI, Vector, Registered Receiver, Excellent #100711 & 100712

$14,895.00 each

100712_Group_Industries_HR4332_Vector_Uzi - 001@2x
100711_Group_Industries_HR4332 - 001@2x 100711_Group_Industries_HR4332 - 002@2x 100711_Group_Industries_HR4332 - 003@2x 100711_Group_Industries_HR4332 - 004@2x 100711_Group_Industries_HR4332 - 005@2x 100711_Group_Industries_HR4332 - 006@2x 100711_Group_Industries_HR4332 - 007@2x 100712_Group_Industries_HR4332_Vector_Uzi - 002@2x 100712_Group_Industries_HR4332_Vector_Uzi - 003@2x 100712_Group_Industries_HR4332_Vector_Uzi - 004@2x 100712_Group_Industries_HR4332_Vector_Uzi - 005@2x 100712_Group_Industries_HR4332_Vector_Uzi - 006@2x 100712_Group_Industries_HR4332_Vector_Uzi - 007@2x

UZI, Vector Arms, Registered Receiver Selective Fire In Excellent+ Condition


Like everything we sell, In Stock and Ready to eForm to your Dealer and available for your inspection in our office in Miami, FL

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.