Sterling MKV, Like New, DLO/Andrewski #800287 & 06051913


800287_06051913_DLO_MK2_DH_Melton_DBA_SRT_Supressor - 001@2x
800287_06051913_DLO_MK2_DH_Melton_DBA_SRT_Supressor - 002@2x 800287_06051913_DLO_MK2_DH_Melton_DBA_SRT_Supressor - 003@2x 800287_06051913_DLO_MK2_DH_Melton_DBA_SRT_Supressor - 004@2x 800287_06051913_DLO_MK2_DH_Melton_DBA_SRT_Supressor - 005@2x 800287_06051913_DLO_MK2_DH_Melton_DBA_SRT_Supressor - 006@2x 800287_06051913_DLO_MK2_DH_Melton_DBA_SRT_Supressor - 007@2x 800287_06051913_DLO_MK2_DH_Melton_DBA_SRT_Supressor - 008@2x

Sterling MKV, L34A1, 9mm, Tube manufactured by DLO Mfg, and was completed by Stans Gunsmith Services in Webster, NH Certificate of Authenticity was signed by John Andrewski.

800287 & 06051913

The suppressor was manufactured by SRT Arms in Like New Condition.

One of my very favorite firearms

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