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Savage, C&R, M1 Thompson #101635


This C&R, M1 Thompson, serial number 101635, was made by Savage Arms in Utica, NY, under contract to Auto-Ordnance in Bridgeport, CT, and was likely manufactured during the Autumn of 1942.

Product Description


It has an L-type rear sight, and the trigger frame serial number matches the receiver serial number.  The bolt is blued, the selector levers are pin-type, and the buttstock features the reinforcing cross-bolt.  The weapon has definitely been refinished, but no apparent arsenal rebuild markings are present, and its markings are original M1, making the refinish likely of later, civilian origin.  It features an Ordnance wheel stamping, and is also acceptance stamped (twice) with “GEG” for “George E. Goll” of Auto-Ordnance.  Its military inspector stamp of “FJA” is from Colonel Frank J. Atwood, who was the Army Inspector of Ordnance for the Rochester, NY district beginning on June 15, 1942.  One accessory included in this sale is an early version Canvas Case D50268 for the M1/M1A1 Thompson without magazine.  Later D50268 case versions had a very pronounced addition of canvas to accommodate the weapon with a magazine inserted.

This Thompson is a nice M1 type, with some early features, and could be a great addition to anyone’s Thompson collection.

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