IMI Uzi with a Registered Receiver #SA25786 U003


SA25786_U003_IMI_A_Uzi_Nye_Roy_Delbert_A - 001@2x
SA25786_U003_IMI_A_Uzi_Nye_Roy_Delbert_A - 002@2x SA25786_U003_IMI_A_Uzi_Nye_Roy_Delbert_A - 003@2x SA25786_U003_IMI_A_Uzi_Nye_Roy_Delbert_A - 004@2x SA25786_U003_IMI_A_Uzi_Nye_Roy_Delbert_A - 005@2x SA25786_U003_IMI_A_Uzi_Nye_Roy_Delbert_A - 006@2x SA25786_U003_IMI_A_Uzi_Nye_Roy_Delbert_A - 007@2x SA25786_U003_IMI_A_Uzi_Nye_Roy_Delbert_A - 008@2x SA25786_U003_IMI_A_Uzi_Nye_Roy_Delbert_A - 009@2x SA25786_U003_IMI_A_Uzi_Nye_Roy_Delbert_A - 010@2x SA25786_U003_IMI_A_Uzi_Nye_Roy_Delbert_A - 011@2x

IMI Uzi with a Registered Receiver converted by Nye, Roy Delbert at G.U.N. Technology, In Excellent Condition

SA25786 U003

Includes additional fake barrel, magazine loader, sight tool and carrying case.

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.