Reising M50 in Federal case #6886


6886_H&R_Reising - 001@2x
6886_H&R_Reising - 002@2x 6886_H&R_Reising - 003@2x 6886_H&R_Reising - 004@2x 6886_H&R_Reising - 005@2x 6886_H&R_Reising - 006@2x 6886_H&R_Reising - 007@2x 6886_H&R_Reising - 008@2x

Reising Submachine Gun serial # 6886 is an early, “Commercial” Reising with a blued finish, and 29-fin barrel that formerly served with the Jackson County, Missouri Sheriff’s Department in Kansas City.


It was manufactured in 1941. This weapon comes with a highly desirable, original Federal Laboratories hard case with a fully intact Fed Labs sticker. Fed Labs cases with fully intact stickers are very difficult to find. One of the felt covered blocks on the inside of the case is loose, which is common with these types of cases. This is a great example of an early Reising with case that any serious collector would be.

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