Reising, M50, C&R #6798


6798_Harrington_Richardson_M50 - 001@2x
6798_Harrington_Richardson_M50 - 002@2x 6798_Harrington_Richardson_M50 - 003@2x 6798_Harrington_Richardson_M50 - 004@2x 6798_Harrington_Richardson_M50 - 005@2x 6798_Harrington_Richardson_M50 - 006@2x 6798_Harrington_Richardson_M50 - 007@2x


Offered for sale is an early Harrington & Richardson Reising Model 50 Submachine Gun, serial number 6798.  This Reising was manufactured in 1941, during the initial run of what are commonly referred to as “Commercial” Reisings, prior to H&R’s  military contracts.  It has a 29-fin barrel, and other early features such as its blued finish, early disassembly screw, and trigger guard.  As with most early Reisings, this example served in a police department, and is marked “City of Pittsburgh” for Pittsburgh, PA.  It is in good overall condition, with small dents and blemishes to its original finish from its years of use as a law enforcement tool.

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.