Very Rare, Consecutive Pair, NEW, M10, .45ACP, C&R Next Year #13001373 & 13001374

$11,995.00 each

13001374_M10_45_CAL - 001@2x
13001374_M10_45_CAL - 002@2x 13001374_M10_45_CAL - 003@2x 13001374_M10_45_CAL - 004@2x 13001374_M10_45_CAL - 005@2x 13001374_M10_45_CAL - 006@2x 13001374_M10_45_CAL - 007@2x 13001373_M10_45_CAL - 001@2x 13001373_M10_45_CAL - 002@2x 13001373_M10_45_CAL - 003@2x 13001373_M10_45_CAL - 004@2x 13001373_M10_45_CAL - 005@2x 13001373_M10_45_CAL - 006@2x 13001373_M10_45_CAL - 007@2x

Very Rare, Consecutive Serial Number Pair of Military Armament Corporation, Powder Springs, GA M10, .45 ACP New in the box with Manual, Loader & Magazine.

13001373 & 13001374

Manufactured on March 8th, 1972. They are less than a year away from becoming C&R

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.