M2, Inland, Collector Grade, C&R, Amnesty #6828106


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Inland M2 Carbine Serial Number 6828106


Offered for sale is a beautiful, amnesty registered Inland M2 Carbine, serial number 6828106. This Carbine was manufactured by the Inland Division of General Motors, in Dayton, Ohio, in 1945. This is what is known as a registered receiver M2 Carbine, and the weapon was originally manufactured as such. This Carbine was registered during the one and only NFA Amnesty in U.S. history, which occurred from November 2, 1968 to December 1, 1968. During these 30 days, registration of any NFA classified firearm that had not been previously registered was allowed to be registered with immunity from prosecution. Thus, this M2 Carbine likely came from someone who acquired it from a military source sometime between 1945 and 1968.

The barrel on this M2 Carbine is an Inland, dated 1-45. The receiver ring features a hand-stamped, offset “2” in “M2” of “U.S. CARBINE CAL. .30 M2,” which is expected in this serial number range. The walnut stock has the correct “IO” marking on the sling inlet, and also features a crossed-cannons Ordnance cartouche on the right hand side of the stock. The condition of this weapon is excellent.

This M2 Carbine has not been fully disassembled to review all its internal parts for whether they are factory correct for an M2 Carbine. The weapon is available for inspection at our facility in Miami, Florida for anyone who is seriously interested.

Amnesty registered M2 Carbines do not frequently become available for purchase. This is an opportunity for an M1 Carbine collector to expand their collection to include an M2, or for a veteran NFA enthusiast to add a unique machine gun to their collection. Either way, it would be best to stock up on .30 Carbine ammo, because you’re in for a treat.

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.