M1A (M14) Springfield/Ron Smith Upgraded #000641


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M1A (M14) Manufactured by Springfield Armory of Geneso, IL


Totally Checked and Upgraded by Ron Smith owner of “SEI” Smith Enterprise who in my opinion is the finest M14 armorer in the nation who still does work for the US Military.

The upgrade by “SEI” Smith Enterprise cost me $ 1,165 plus S&H & Insurance

Ron upgraded it by installing:

Smith Enterprise (SEI) 18” Medium Weight Barrel and upgraded with the “SEI M80” propitiatory Hard Treatment Salt Bath Nitrated system in which barrel becomes much better and harder than Chrome,
SEI Warfighter Gas System, SEI Standard Front Sight, SEI Extended Bolt Stop, Mid Range Trigger Job, and Test Fired.

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.