IMI, Micro Uzi, LaFrance Specialties, 9mm #UP08855 & SN093


UP08855_SN093_LaFrance_Specialties_Micro_UZi - 01@2x
UP08855_SN093_LaFrance_Specialties_Micro_UZi - 02@2x UP08855_SN093_LaFrance_Specialties_Micro_UZi - 03@2x UP08855_SN093_LaFrance_Specialties_Micro_UZi - 04@2x UP08855_SN093_LaFrance_Specialties_Micro_UZi - 05@2x UP08855_SN093_LaFrance_Specialties_Micro_UZi - 06@2x UP08855_SN093_LaFrance_Specialties_Micro_UZi - 07@2x UP08855_SN093_LaFrance_Specialties_Micro_UZi - 08@2x UP08855_SN093_LaFrance_Specialties_Micro_UZi - 09@2x UP08855_SN093_LaFrance_Specialties_Micro_UZi - 10@2x UP08855_SN093_LaFrance_Specialties_Micro_UZi - 11@2x UP08855_SN093_LaFrance_Specialties_Micro_UZi - 12@2x

Rare, IMI, 9mm, Sub Machine Gun Pistol-with Stock in Excellent Condition with a Tim Lafrance owner of La France Specialties in San Diego, California Registered Bolt.

UP08855 & SN093

Fully Transferable in 9mm

Tim is a fantastic person and great gunsmith that manufactured untold number of guns for the movie industry and others

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.