HK, MP5K-SD, Ciener, Dyer & RDTS #HKASKS230 2115995 RDTSMFG165


2115995_HKASK230_RDTSMFG165_HK_MP5K_Jonathan_Arthur_Ciner_RDTS_MP5KSD - 001@2x
2115995_HKASK230_RDTSMFG165_HK_MP5K_Jonathan_Arthur_Ciner_RDTS_MP5KSD - 002@2x 2115995_HKASK230_RDTSMFG165_HK_MP5K_Jonathan_Arthur_Ciner_RDTS_MP5KSD - 003@2x 2115995_HKASK230_RDTSMFG165_HK_MP5K_Jonathan_Arthur_Ciner_RDTS_MP5KSD - 004@2x 2115995_HKASK230_RDTSMFG165_HK_MP5K_Jonathan_Arthur_Ciner_RDTS_MP5KSD - 005@2x 2115995_HKASK230_RDTSMFG165_HK_MP5K_Jonathan_Arthur_Ciner_RDTS_MP5KSD - 006@2x 2115995_HKASK230_RDTSMFG165_HK_MP5K_Jonathan_Arthur_Ciner_RDTS_MP5KSD - 007@2x 2115995_HKASK230_RDTSMFG165_HK_MP5K_Jonathan_Arthur_Ciner_RDTS_MP5KSD - 008@2x 2115995_HKASK230_RDTSMFG165_HK_MP5K_Jonathan_Arthur_Ciner_RDTS_MP5KSD - 009@2x 2115995_HKASK230_RDTSMFG165_HK_MP5K_Jonathan_Arthur_Ciner_RDTS_MP5KSD - 010@2x

HK, MP5SD, Converted to Selective Fire by Jonathan Arthur Ciener in the Great State of Florida using a Registered Ciener HK Sear with an RDTS Suppressor.

HKASKS230 2115995 RDTSMFG165

Also includes a Fake Suppressor so the gun can be fired without the suppressor.

Gun was totally refurbished and checked by Mr. Terry Dyer

Trigger Group may be used in other Compatible Hosts

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.