C&R, Thompson 1928AC #A098706


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Auto-Ordnance Model 1928AC Thompson Serial No. A.O. 98706


We have the following transferable Model 1928AC Thompson Submachine Gun, manufactured by Auto-Ordnance in Bridgeport, CT, serial number A.O. 98706 available for sale.

This Thompson appears to have been refinished at some point during its life. The receiver was originally made for the military, and marked “U.S. Model 1928A1,” however it did not end up being made into a Thompson for the military, probably because of the transition from the Model 1928A1 to the M1 Thompson in 1942.  It was likely an overrun.  As a result, it does not feature military acceptance, inspector, or Ordnance markings.  This Thompson was sold into the commercial (likely police) market, during or immediately after the war, and as such, its markings were altered at the Bridgeport factory to be a “Model 1928AC.”  The “U.S.” markings were defaced by chisel, and the “1” in the original “A1” marking was hand over-stamped with a “C.”  The “C” designation evokes the earlier Auto-Ordnance designation for models featuring Cutts compensators.

The serial number on the trigger frame matches the receiver. The weapon features the early, protected Lyman sight, and a 4th style Cutts compensator, consistent with the compensators that were installed on military 1928A1 Thompsons.  The receiver index mark aligns with the barrel index mark.  It features a vertical foregrip, and the overall appearance of the wood on this Thompson is very nice.  The actuator and fire control levers are of smooth type, later manufacturing style.

This is a good looking Thompson. It would be an excellent shooter and/or collector piece for the new collector, or for someone who wants to expand their collection to include a unique variety of Bridgeport manufactured Thompson Submachine Gun.

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.