Consecutive Pair, Thompson M1A1, NIB #M415A & M416A

$24,995.00 each

M416A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 01@2x
M416A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 02@2x M416A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 03@2x M416A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 04@2x M416A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 05@2x M416A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 06@2x M416A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 07@2x M416A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 08@2x M415A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 01@2x M415A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 02@2x M415A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 03@2x M415A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 04@2x M415A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 05@2x M415A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 06@2x M415A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 07@2x M415A_Auto_Ordnance_Corp_M1 - 08@2x

Thompson, C&R, M1A1,  Consecutive Pair, Auto Ordnance Corporation, West Hurley, NY,  Brand New in Factory Box with Three Original Magazines per gun.

M415A & M416A

Guns are Currently Getting Checked out and Upgraded by Mr. Dan Block that will Test Fire, Clean and Make Any Necessary Upgrades. One of the upgrades will be a GI Magazine Catch in Order to Accept Regular GI Magazines.

We will be posting the video as soon as we receive it

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.