Colt AR15 With Married DIAS, Excellent #SP176859JWB


SP176859JWB_Jerry_Wayne_Basham_SP1_Colt_CAR15 - 001@2x
SP176859JWB_Jerry_Wayne_Basham_SP1_Colt_CAR15 - 002@2x SP176859JWB_Jerry_Wayne_Basham_SP1_Colt_CAR15 - 003@2x SP176859JWB_Jerry_Wayne_Basham_SP1_Colt_CAR15 - 004@2x SP176859JWB_Jerry_Wayne_Basham_SP1_Colt_CAR15 - 005@2x SP176859JWB_Jerry_Wayne_Basham_SP1_Colt_CAR15 - 006@2x SP176859JWB_Jerry_Wayne_Basham_SP1_Colt_CAR15 - 007@2x SP176859JWB_Jerry_Wayne_Basham_SP1_Colt_CAR15 - 008@2x SP176859JWB_Jerry_Wayne_Basham_SP1_Colt_CAR15 - 009@2x SP176859JWB_Jerry_Wayne_Basham_SP1_Colt_CAR15 - 010@2x SP176859JWB_Jerry_Wayne_Basham_SP1_Colt_CAR15 - 011@2x SP176859JWB_Jerry_Wayne_Basham_SP1_Colt_CAR15 - 012@2x

Colt AR15 SP1 with a MARRIED DIAS, this gun was manufactured by previous owner on a Form 1 and he married a DIAS to this AR15.


The DIAS Can not be removed from this gun.

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.