Colt AR15, (M16A1) Factory Carbine #SP120062


SP120062_Colt_AR15_SP1 - 001@2x
SP120062_Colt_AR15_SP1 - 002@2x SP120062_Colt_AR15_SP1 - 003@2x SP120062_Colt_AR15_SP1 - 004@2x SP120062_Colt_AR15_SP1 - 005@2x SP120062_Colt_AR15_SP1 - 006@2x SP120062_Colt_AR15_SP1 - 007@2x SP120062_Colt_AR15_SP1 - 008@2x SP120062_Colt_AR15_SP1 - 009@2x SP120062_Colt_AR15_SP1 - 010@2x SP120062_Colt_AR15_SP1 - 011@2x

Colt, AR15, SP1, (M16A1), Registered as AR15 Selective Fire by TGS In Hollywood, Florida


Using a Beautiful Colt AR15, SP1,  Carbine, with the Collapsible Stock Ring Still Staked.

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

Price includes S&H and Insurance. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.