Colt AR15 “M16” SWD, Excellent #SP124768


SP124768_SWD_Daniel_AR15 - 01@2x
SP124768_SWD_Daniel_AR15 - 02@2x SP124768_SWD_Daniel_AR15 - 03@2x SP124768_SWD_Daniel_AR15 - 04@2x SP124768_SWD_Daniel_AR15 - 05@2x SP124768_SWD_Daniel_AR15 - 06@2x SP124768_SWD_Daniel_AR15 - 07@2x SP124768_SWD_Daniel_AR15 - 08@2x SP124768_SWD_Daniel_AR15 - 09@2x SP124768_SWD_Daniel_AR15 - 10@2x

AR15, Colt SP1, Rifle converted to Selective Fire, Safe-Semi-Full by SWD Daniel in Excellent Condition


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