Colt 1921, Beautiful Condition #11555


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Offered for sale is an Auto-Ordnance Model of 1921 Thompson Submachine Gun, serial number 11555, which was manufactured by Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company for the Auto-Ordnance Corporation between April 10, and April 15, 1922.

Colt Model of 1921A Thompson Serial #11555

This is one of the original 15,000 Colt Thompsons, which range in serial number from 41 to 15040.  Colt Thompsons were originally manufactured in 1921A configuration, like this one, without a compensator, and were marked “Model of 1921.”  1921A’s are harder to find than the more common “Navy” Model of 1928.  Most 1921A’s were converted to Navy models.  1921A’s have a very sexy look to them, and appeal to the purist Colt Thompson aficionado.

This Colt Thompson originally served with the Athens County Sheriff’s Department in Athens, Ohio.  It’s an absolutely beautiful Colt Thompson, and retains a high amount of its original finish.  The receiver matches the lower frame serial number.  The barrel aligns to the receiver index mark.  The buttstock has the telltale Remington anchor marking, indicating it’s an original buttstock made for Colt under contract by Remington, and its pistol grip and vertical foregrip are also original.  All its internal parts are original, including the 1921 actuator.  Incidentally, whoever purchases this fine Colt Thompson is advised to replace the internal parts with WWII era parts for shooting.  1921 internals are extremely expensive to replace if they get broken, and it often takes years to find replacement parts.

This Colt has the telltale signs of serving in a police department, with some small scratches around the pivot plate, where someone removed it with a screwdriver.  These types of scratches are very common, though this Colt does not have as many of the scratches as are normally encountered on PD Colts.  It appears to have spent most of its life in a PD safe.  There is some minor freckling at the wrist.  It has various small scratches to the wood, and to the metal finishes, but its overall condition stands out above most other Colt Thompsons that survive today.

This is an awesome Colt Thompson.  If you want to own only one, this should be the one.  If you want to add a 1921A to your collection of other Thompsons, you will be adding a gem.  This Colt served “On The Side Of Law and Order,” and is available for in-person examination at our facility in Miami.

In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

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