AKS (AK47) 7.62x39mm, Folder, HTA, Excellent #300310


300310_AK47_HTA_7.62x39mm - 01@2x
300310_AK47_HTA_7.62x39mm - 02@2x 300310_AK47_HTA_7.62x39mm - 03@2x 300310_AK47_HTA_7.62x39mm - 04@2x 300310_AK47_HTA_7.62x39mm - 05@2x 300310_AK47_HTA_7.62x39mm - 06@2x 300310_AK47_HTA_7.62x39mm - 07@2x

AKS (AK47) Norinco Folder in 7.62 x 39mm converted to Selective Fire by Hard Times Armory, Smyrna, GA in Excellent Condition


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