AK47, 7.62x39mm, Norinco, Straight Stock, Beautiful #56S300523


56S300523_Hard_Times_Armory_AKM-47S - 001@2x
56S300523_Hard_Times_Armory_AKM-47S - 002@2x 56S300523_Hard_Times_Armory_AKM-47S - 003@2x 56S300523_Hard_Times_Armory_AKM-47S - 004@2x 56S300523_Hard_Times_Armory_AKM-47S - 005@2x 56S300523_Hard_Times_Armory_AKM-47S - 006@2x 56S300523_Hard_Times_Armory_AKM-47S - 007@2x 56S300523_Hard_Times_Armory_AKM-47S - 008@2x

AKS (AK47) Norinco Straight Stock in 7.62 x 39mm converted to Selective Fire by Hard Times Armory, Smyrna, GA in Beautiful Condition.


In stock in our vault and ready for immediate eForm transfer.

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