Colt 1921AC with Drum #7244 1921


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Includes 30 round magazine and Numrich drum

7244 1921

Offered for sale is an Auto-Ordnance Model of 1921 (AC) Thompson Submachine Gun, serial number 7244, which was manufactured by Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company for Auto-Ordnance Corporation between 11/1/1921 and 11/5/1921.  This is one of the original 15,000 Colt Thompsons, which range in serial number from 41 to 15040.  Colt Thompsons were originally manufactured in 1921A configuration, without a compensator, and were marked “Model of 1921.”  This one is marked in that manner, and had the option of a Cutts Compensator added, which makes it a “1921AC.”

This Thompson was originally sold to the Kenosha, Wisconsin Police Department, and is listed in the late Gordon Herigstad’s book, “Colt Thompson Serial Numbers,” where he noted it as a “21AC,” and he further noted that it was sold by famous Auto-Ordnance salesman E.E. Richardson to the Kenosha P.D.  Some police department Thompsons show significant wear, like this one, since they were law enforcement tool with many years of service.  This Thompson saw a lot of service.  It has many scratches, gouges, and other blemishes on its original finish as a result.  The receiver and the lower frame serial numbers match.  The wood on this Thompson has been heavily sanded and refinished, and the buttstock has had “K.P.D.” carved into it on each side, as well as on the left side of the vertical foregrip.  The pistol grip is not original to the gun, and is likely of later WWII manufacture.  This Thompson features patent dates, as well as a “JHB” inspector marking on the right side of the receiver to indicate inspection for Auto-Ordnance by Chief Inspector John H. Barrett.

This Thompson would make a great “shooter Colt” for someone who already has a higher grade Colt in their collection, or it would be a good first Colt for a new or veteran collector.  It has some known provenance, having been originally sold by E.E. Richardson, which makes its history more interesting.  Mr. Richardson was Auto-Ordnance’ top salesman, and when Auto-Ordnance made the decision to only sell through Federal Laboratories in the early 1930’s, he became a salesman for Fed Labs, selling Thompsons, and eventually Reising Submachine guns, among other law enforcement products.  Much good historical information exists regarding E.E. Richardson, and can be read in William J. Helmer’s classic 1969 Thompson book, “The Gun That Made the Twenties Roar,” as well as Tracie L. Hill’s 2009 excellent work, “The Ultimate Thompson Book.”  Perhaps this Thompson has some undocumented history with the Kenosha P.D. that can be further determined.  Individual PD Thompson history is something that many collectors have recently taken upon themselves to research, and this is a good candidate, since it served “On The Side of Law and Order.”

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